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Natural Melon Juice

Natural Melon Juice

Natural Melon Juice

Many of us have a naughty little habit of buying ready made pre packed juices. This isn’t really healthy. I would even say it’s kind of misleading as most people think of juice as something made from natural fruit, hence good for us.

Unfortunately, the truth is very different and the worst thing about these juices is that in fact that they contain tons of sugar and terrible health sweetners. So if you decide to buy pre packed juices, read the label first and check whether you can understand most of the ingredient names. If you can’t don’t touch it and walk away.

All we need to make a healthy, delicious and natural homemade juice is a juicer. Yes, I know that you are probably thinking now is ‘no way I am not making that mess!’ But I have a good news – there are some fruits that you can simply blend and add little bit of water hence no left overs, so no mess. Here I have in mind exotic fruit such as melon, watermelon, mango or orange. They already contain tons of water in themselves, many minerals, vitamins and natural sugars – nothing toxic that our bodies don’t need or indeed recognise.

Today, I have a recipe for you for natural melon juice made of melon galia. It has a lot of folic acid, B-group vitamins, vitamin C, A and minerals such as Potassium , Iron, Magnesium and Calcium. Mouthwatering, amazing and most of all natural. You got it, right? Get the blender out and enjoy!!!


  • time 10 mins
  • difficulty easy
  • diet no sugar (except for fructose which comes naturally in the fruit), no artificial colorings, no taste improvers


  • 1 medium melon Galia (or other kind you like mostly)
  • 1 litre of mineral water
  • ice cubes (optionally)


  1. First I prepare the blender
  2. Then cut the melon in half and get rid of the seeds (I use a spoon to do it)
  3. I remove the pulp from the skin and put the pulp into the blender
  4. Next I pour the water into the blender and blend it to get a juice
  5. Finally I pour my mouthwatering and amazing juice into the jug, add ice cubes and now I am ready to dive in!


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