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Raspberry and Coconut ‘No’cheesecake Vegan & Sugar Free

Raspberry and Coconut ‘No’cheesecake Vegan & Sugar Free

Raspberry and Coconut ‘No’cheesecake Vegan & Sugar Free

Raspberry and Coconut ‘No’cheesecake Vegan & Sugar Free. As a kid I loved cheesecake! So creamy, smooth and melting easily in the mouth. I remember them being served with peaches or raisins. But in those days, I didn’t understand the concept of healthy living derived from food.

I didn’t know what sugar was really and the negative effects it has on the body (and yet all the traditional staff is loaded with it). Nor did I truly understand the fact that dairy doesn’t necessarily have such a good impact on our health. And what about modern wheat? I had a great pleasure to meet Patrick Holford  who in his latest book, Improve Your Digestion (which he kindly gave me), writes that modern wheat is a substance that during digestion begins to produce amino acid combinations that mimic opioids (heroin and morphine are opioids). What is interesting is that when we combine it with sugar and add a pinch of yeast (bakery products like confectioneries, pizza etc) eating the resulting foods often makes us feel sleepy afterwards. This is due to the infamous ‘sugar rush’! And guess what? This combination is an ideal stimulant of appetite.

Crazy! But we are getting dragged into that dangerous game of modern wheat and hardly anybody knows it! Of course, this is a fantastic piece of information for the food industry which can make even more money, but at the cost of our health. And at the same time, the answer to why modern wheat eaters have huge problems through massive abdominal growth, obesity, gastric problems, etc.

Yes I know, my dear readers, I know that we have been eating wheat for thousands of years. But the wheat we eat today is very very very different from the wheat our great great great grand parents ate. If you still choose to eat it, then fine. I have some good news for you wheat addicts out there. There is a wheat grain which has now recognised as being very similar to the old wheat grain our great great great parents ate, is’s called Kamut wheat. Rich in antioxidants, it’s proven not to cause the health problems attributed to modern wheat.

So, to my cheesecake. It’s made with the aim of avoiding those so evils and be tasty at the same time. Deliciously smooth, fluffy and very similar in taste to that traditional cheesecake. But much less effort to make and we can feed our bodies with tons of goodness. Here you are my one and only: Raspberry and Coconut ‘No’cheesecake Vegan & Sugar Free.


  • time 1 hour
  • difficulty easy
  • diet no dairy diet, no eggs, no wheat, no nuts, no sugar


Bottom layer

  • 1 cup of sunflower seeds (you can use nuts if you like, and you are not allergic)
  • 2 cups oats
  • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil (virgin)

Middle, big layer

  • 2 tofu cubes
  • 2 cans of coconut milk (the thick part of it, so called cream)
  • 1 cup of xylitol
  • 1 cup desicated coconut or fresh coconut

Top layer & decoration

  • raspberries
  • xylitol powder (blended xylitol)
  • 1 can of coconut milk


Bottom layer

I start by roasing the sunflower seeds on the dry frying pan. When it gently blushes and starts to smell beautiful, then I put it into the blender. To the blender I also add oats, and coconut oil. I blend everything for a fairly smooth paste. I prepare a baking tray, spread a little oil on it and evenly press the prepared mass on the bottom of the tray
Next I heat the oven to 200°C

Middle, big Layer

I rinse the blender thoroughly and then put tofu, 2 cans of coconut milk (the thick creamy part of it), xylitol and desiccated coconut into it, and blend it up to a point when I get a very smooth and quite thick mixture. I pour the finished mixture into the prepared bottom layer and put the cake into the oven and bake for 60 minutes. After 30 minutes, I reduce the temperature to   180°C
The ready baked cake must be completely cool, before I start decorating it, so I leave it to rest

Top layer & Decoration

I dress up the cake with coconut cream (thick part of coconut milk). I distribute it all over the surface and finally I add raspberries. Optional for visual effects, and for sweetness, sprinkle everything with xylitol powder (ground xylitol). I keep in the fridge, served cold and like this it tastes fab!
Bon Appetit!

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