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Oat and Banana Pancakes Simply the Best

Oat and Banana Pancakes Simply the Best

Oat and Banana Pancakes Simply the Best

Everything began with the love of pancakes and it’s all thanks to my grandfather, who always spoiled me with them. Unfortunately, I no longer experience the pleasures of this kind because of wheat flour and yeast which I became allergic to. However, the positive side of it is that I started feeding my body with other quality ingredients and developed many alternative and still utterly delicious recipes. Recipes which sometimes even my beloved grandfather steals from me. To make the thing easy for the preparation of these healthy delicacies only two ingredients are needed. Simple cooking in an honest  and yet sophisticated way.



  • time 10 mins
  • difficulty easy
  • diet no wheat, sugar, dairy, nuts, yeast


  • 1 big ripe banana
  • 4 tbsp of oats
  • 1 tbsp of coconut oil (most healthy oil to fry on)


  1. Put the banana and oats into blender and blend until you get a smooth paste
  2. Warm up the pan, put the oil into it
  3. On the frying pan form the little pancakes using a tbsp
  4. Fry them on both sides, small heat, 1 minute each side
  5. Optional: you can sprinkle the pancakes with xylitol powder or you can pour with maple syrup (vegan) or honey on them (just in case you have a sweet tooth)


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