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Chocolate – Toffee Smoothie Feast

Chocolate – Toffee Smoothie Feast

Chocolate – Toffee Smoothie Feast

This time of the year is full of New Year’s resolutions, so this snack is just perfect! January is a month when we are more likely to go for healthier snacks in order not to break our resolutions. I am proud of the fact that I learned to always have healthy and quality products at home, allowing me to easily combine them & prepare something full of goodness. I so much recommend you to stock up as well as it is so much better than reaching for conventional sweets full of the evil sugars with their incredibly unhealthy corn syrup. Even though I am not addicted to sugar anymore, I still spoil myself with sweet evening feasts, but always choosing the healthy ingredients.

As for the ingredients to make this smoothie I always try to use very ripe bananas as they are so much sweeter and act as a natural sweetener (no need to add sugar). My other natural sweetener I use very often is the delicious Medjool date. These dates are just amazing, so sweet and taste like toffee, and who doesn’t like toffee? Are you surprised that I shout aloud from the rooftops about health and then ask you to eat chocolate? I know you would be. I can tell you that as long as the chocolate that you use contains 65% raw cacao and you eat it in moderation it is actually good for you. This is because it contains Magnesium which strengthens your bones and helps you to relax.  I am so happy that I know what I eat is full of goodness, nourishes my body and provides me with plenty of energy and health. Fancy trying? Your health is your wealth!


  • time 5 mins
  • difficulty easy
  • diet no gluten, sugar, dairy


  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 Medjool dates
  • ¾ of glass of almond milk (optional: other vegetable milk)
  • 1 peace of dark chocolate


  1. Put all of the ingredients into the blender and blend them to get a smooth consistency
  2. Prepare a beautiful glass, pour your smoothie into it. Sprinkle it with grated dark chocolate

Delicious, sinless, nutritious dessert or breakfast, what more could you ask for…



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