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My cooking classes focus on teaching elaborate, healthy yet delicious, sustainable yet economical dishes. If you seek a healthier and more inspired life with a little bit of sophistication on your table then why not treat yourself to a cooking session with me. The classes will be tailored to your individual needs. Please note that all my classes are plant based.


Fresh and Vibrant

We will make snacks, soups, spreads, main dishes and deserts. All recipes will come from my bank of delicious recipes which I have been creating for a long time. Simple food with raw recipes where minimum equipment is required. The kind of food that makes you feel fresh and healthy.

Delicious and Nutritious

Here we will concentrate on your dietary needs. These sessions are always wheat free (wheat is one of the main allergens nowadays which creates discomfort in your stomach). We will be making simple and easy recipes from the ingredients that provide our bodies with the abundance of goodness they need, such as vital vitamins and minerals. Amazing ways to boost your immune system and have more energy. You will also receive copy of the recipes covered in the workshop.

Sweet Things

In this workshop we will concentrate on creating wheat and refined sugar free deserts and cakes. Mainly vegan type deserts using raw and quality ingredients. We will also make healthy and creative drinks, so that you go back home with tons of inspiration to satisfy your sweet tooth feeding your body with numerous vitamins and minerals.

Vegan ExtraVeganza

Here it will be more than a cooking experience. We’ll start the sessions with a healthy shopping trip including visiting local markets, buying fresh fruit and vegetables and bringing all the products back home to  explore different ways to make delicious meals.

I offer individual classes as well as organised groups. For individual classes you can tailor your class to your needs or simply choose one of the above. It’s up to you…

Feel free to contact me with your questions on hello@dariasdeli.com.