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Welcome to Daria’s Deli. This is my space where I share my passion and love for food, cooking and taking care of myself and those around me I love dearly. I had a desire to build a community of like minded people and this is why I started writing this blog.

It’s been a little more than one year since I started blogging. Initially I wrote only in my mother tongue which is Polish on bezgrzesznarozpusta.pl (I know quite tricky to pronounce but check it out as you’ll find about 400 deliciously nutritious posts in there). However, as I love travelling I get to meet so many English speakers who are always very curious about my nutritiously delicious and colourful recipes. So that brought the new idea to life; to also begin blogging in English, so here I am.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me and become part of this community of beautiful, conscious and healthy people. You can enjoy a new deliciously nutritious recipe here on the blog in my recipe’s page every week, usually on Wednesday. You can also have a look at my Deli where you can order selection of freshly made delicious and healthy energy balls or take advantage of my scrumptious, vegan, gluten & sugar free catering services. And if you are on a mission to improve your health or loose some weight, in a healthy way, why not booking yourself a cooking session with me where we will explore various options and create some new deliciously nutritious dishes for you. I have a surprise for you! Now you can also stay with us in our Bed & Breakfast (B&B) vegan, no wheat and no refined sugar one! Amazing, right? All in glorious and colourful Andalucia.

Have a wonderful day.

Daria x


Daria’s Deli is about being conscious of and knowing what foods you are eating. What you are feeding your beautiful body with. It’s not about dieting and then torturing yourself with the food guilt. It is about celebrating natural food. So the recipes I share are those that are made from selected, simple, unprocessed and nutritious products. Products feeding the body with goodness, not making it swollen and uncomfortable. I love eating food that makes my body light, makes my skin smooth and nourishes me and those around me. That gives me happiness and my fulfilment.

My recipes are free from refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and wheat. However, not all of them are gluten free as I love cooking with rye and oats. I also don’t eat meat or dairy, hence you will not find those kind of recipes here. My reasons are simple, they don’t serve me well. However, this is an individual choice.